jimmy choo for h&m

jimmy choo merchandise designed for h&m will be released on november 14! i can't wait. i just want to see some pieces in hk stores, not exactly buy. i'm just usi :)

on other news, our office got ravaged by the flood in san juan. a small chunk of our inventory got damaged. we'll survive. hopefully everyone else is okay.

walk on the wild side

we're launching our first ever collection on january 30, 2009 :)

walk on the wild side is a safari-inspired collection. we'll be releasing new bags, clothes and shoes in line with this theme from january 2009 to mid april 2009 in all cole vintage stores and retailers.

watch out for it :)

more pictures in our multiply site:

and facebook page:

please add us :)

kylie at hk

my friend loraine and i went to hong kong to catch kylie's x tour. we stayed in a cheap hotel named jj. do not stay there! no direct shuttle to the airport, the beds were hard plus the banyo was weird.

you had to pull down the blinds if you wanted to use the toilet or take a shower. but then people in the room can still see you. hassle. so your roommate has to stay by the desk whenever you want use the washroom. the only saving grace was the wifi. and the price. hihi.

BUT. the concert was worth it.

the special effects were great! kylie put on a great show. i love her wardrobe (and body). i can't believe she's 40!

we got tickets worth HK$680. i was telling loraine that even if we got front row seats worth HK$1300+, it would have still been worth it. galing!

unfortunately, my camera died before the concert ended. she sang i should be so lucky as her encore! :)

now for the food...

we tried this place called little sheep for mongolian hotpot. the lamb and beef were so tasty! no need for sauce. the soup had herbs and spices in it. honestly, i prefer gloria maris for the soup and sauce.

it's been a while since i had good xiao long bao.

now that it's getting colder, i am craving for hot sesame soup with peanut balls...

i wonder when i'll be back?

p.s. i am the secreting coldplay in osaka this feb!

it's luggage love!!!!!!

part of the wedding preparations is preparing luggage filled with goodies that the bride will use in their new home. (it's called ke tsung) bawal luma. this includes underwear, sleepwear, slippers, everyday clothes, towels, etc...

i have been shopping online for the past few weeks and i haven't found anything decent except for the samsonite black label vintage collection. which is okay, but it does not make my heart palpitate.

now, thanks to lucky magazine i have found luggage love!!!!!

it's globetrotter's centenary collection. the problem is, the 21" trolley costs £590 and the 33" costs £755. my dad will kill me.

would you know of a cheaper brand which has a similar design?

call me kaladkarin

i booked tickets to hong kong today from PAL. used my fiance's mabuhay miles (thanks babe you're the best!) but i still had to pay around php8,000 for taxes and what not.

i don't mind. it's hong kong! i went with my mom last november 1-4 for my birthday. we shopped, ate and went wild.

my friend loraine asked me to go to hk with her to watch kylie on nov 27. i said okay almost instantly. i am maximizing my last year being single!

i only know songs from kylie's old albums. i hope she sings "can't get you out of my head", "spinning around", "on a night like this"...i just realized i like a lot of her stuff. i'm downloading her new album now. i listened to some songs included in "X" and i like it so far. (sorry die hard kylie fans)

i bought this pair of shoes from h&m which is my favorite purchase from the last trip to hk. (sorry for the low quality pics, i'm too lazy to whip out my camera)

and this ring comes a close second

i will post pictures of other purchases on my next post.

i am excited to go back. i missed comme des garçon's collection for h&m on my last trip and i felt sad. the secret works, i guess :)

i wonder why we can never get enough of h&m and hk?

sam edelman in SM

sam edelman shoes are available at SM megamall, ladies' section. it's beside the luggages. do not make the mistake of going to the ladies' shoe section and ask where the imported shoes are displayed (they will point at the gibi display). no offense to gibi, but i know they are made locally.

i got myself a pair of these in cream today:

yay! they are very light and comfy. i saw sam edelman shoes in naturalizer but the prices are outrageous. in SM it's only php2950.

there are other brands from the US in that small area beside the suitcases. bcbg, betsey johnson. plus i spotted some pan am bags for php4,100.

come to SM. they got it all for you!
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